Alan and Babette Sainsbury

The Alan & Babette Sainsbury Charitable Fund

The Alan & Babette Sainsbury Charitable Fund (ABS) is a UK-based grant-making foundation, the oldest of the Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts.

The Alan and Babette Sainsbury Fund was established by Lord Alan Sainsbury in 1953. The Fund continues to reflect his wishes by supporting activities which align with his original priorities, whilst responding to current issues

What We Fund


Instead we proactively reach out to organisations through research and networks to identify groups who align with our priorities.

We fund in these areas

Intercommunity Dialogue

Refugee and Asylum Seekers


Supporting disadvantaged young people in Southwark

Intercommunity Dialogue


The Alan and Babette Sainsbury Charitable Fund supports organisations that build bridges between communities through dialogue and education. We are also committed to promoting understanding between Israeli and Arab citizens to promote a united society both nationally and internationally, remaining true to our settlors’ wishes.

Image credit: The Linking Network

Grants awarded May 2020 to May 2023
Recipient AccountApproval DateAwarded AmountPurpose
New Israel Fund11/15/2022£20,000Towards its Gender Equality Programme.
The Abraham Initiative11/15/2022£15,000Towards its Education for a Shared Society Programme
Tech2Peace11/15/2022£10,000Towards core costs
Council of Christians & Jews11/15/2022£10,000Towards core costs
Harwich Kindertransport Memorial and Learning Trust Limited11/23/2021£5,000Towards the costs of a Kindertransport memorial in Harwich.
The Linking Network11/23/2021£40,000Towards core costs
National Holocaust Centre & Museum11/23/2021£5,000Towards its capital redevelopment
Solutions Not Sides5/18/2021£40,000Towards core costs
Wiener Holocaust Library11/10/2020£10,000Towards flexible core costs to mitigate shortfall in income due to the Covid-19 crisis.
Council of Christians & Jews5/13/2020£10,000Towards core costs

Refugee and Asylum Seekers


We fund small, grassroots organisations led by refugee and asylum seekers who address access to justice by providing accurate advice in immigration, housing and benefits and also those seeking policy change.

Image credit: Work Rights Centre

Grants awarded May 2020 to May 2023
Recipient AccountApproval DateAwarded AmountPurpose
North of England Refugee Service11/15/2022£30,000Salary costs and its destitution fund
JustRight Scotland11/15/2022£7,500To mitigate the impact of inflation on the organisation's core costs
Bail for Immigration Detainees11/15/2022£30,000To provide expert legal advice to pro bono lawyers to secure bail for those at risk of deportation to Rwanda
Middlesborough Saint George Ethiopian Orthodox Church Group11/15/2022£7,000Towards community activities and meals for asylum seeker mothers and their children
Zagros Scottish Kurdish Association11/15/2022£10,000Towards venue and refreshment hire to run English language and healthcare awareness events for refugees and asylum seekers in Glasgow
Refugee and Asylum Participatory Action Research (RAPAR)5/24/2022£10,000Towards unrestricted core funding
Refugee Women Connect5/24/2022£10,000Towards the new post of senior staff member with lived experience of the issues facing its client
Work Rights Centre5/24/2022£10,000Towards unrestricted core funding to bolster its support for Ukrainian asylum seekers.
Impact Law for Social Justice5/24/2022£10,000Towards supporting grassroots refugee and asylum seekers groups to design and implement strategic litigation campaigns to bring about fairer decisions for refugees and asylum seekers.
Ethnic Minorities Law Centre5/24/2022£10,000Towards core costs
Coventry Asylum and Refugee Action Group11/23/2021£10,000To support migrants and asylum seekers at risk of destitution
Community InfoSource11/23/2021£30,000Towards core costs
The Unity Project11/23/2021£30,000Towards core costs
Women Asylum Seekers Together11/23/2021£10,000To support destitute asylum seekers, provision of food, parcels, and peer-to-peer support
All African Women's Group5/18/2021£15,000To run self-help groups for women asylum seekers and refugees in asylum claims, access to housing and those facing destitution
Student Action for Refugees5/18/2021£15,000Towards core costs
Destitute Asylum Seekers Huddersfield (DASH)5/18/2021£15,000To be deployed by the organisation's leadership according to their needs and priorities.
Nations of Migrations Awakening the Diaspora (NOMAD)5/18/2021£20,000Towards core costs
Refugees for Justice11/10/2020£5,000To support Refugees for Justice (hosted by Community Info Source) to gather evidence for its case for an independent enquiry into the management of accommodation for refugees and asylum seekers in Glasgow.
Refugee and Migrant Centre (RMC)11/10/2020£33,000Towards flexible funding to support the organisation to meet additional needs of migrants at risk of destitution.
Room to Heal5/13/2020£20,000Towards core costs
Baobab Centre for Young Survivors in Exile5/13/2020£20,000Towards core costs



Our international funding prioritises organisations led from the majority world who are addressing climate change and economic injustice.

Global Greengrants Fund UK; credit: Rob Symons (Flickr)

Grants awarded May 2020 to May 2023
Recipient AccountApproval DateAwarded AmountPurpose
Thousand Currents11/15/2022£25,000Towards its Buen Vivir Impact Investment Fund which supports indigenous and marginalised groups across the majority world with small scale capital to address climate change and inequality
Global Greengrants Fund UK5/24/2022£50,000Towards supporting grassroots groups addressing climate change across Latin America
Ashden Climate Solutions11/23/2021£50,000Towards the Ashden Humanitarian Awards which amplify climate adaptation solutions in the most marginalised communities across the majority world
Ashden Climate Solutions5/18/2021£20,000Towards communications and engagement with city leaders in Colombia and across Latin America to develop their own Green Corridors”
Ashden Climate Solutions11/10/2020£27,500Towards Ashden's 2021 and 2022 Humanitarian Awards.
Ashden Climate Solutions5/13/2020£3,000Towards core costs

Supporting disadvantaged young people in Southwark


The Fund has historical links with Southwark as Sainsbury’s Plc’s first headquarters were in the borough. We work collaboratively with a range of Trusts, Foundations and businesses to support Southwark based groups and organisations addressing inequalities in the borough.

Image credit: One Southwark

Grants awarded May 2020 to May 2023
Recipient AccountApproval DateAwarded AmountPurpose
Future Men (Working with Men)11/15/2022£30,000Towards its Boys Development Programme in Southwark
School Home Support11/15/2022£10,000Towards salaries of two practitioners who provide intensive support to children on the Brandon Estate in Southwark who are persistently absent from school
Southwark Group of Tenants Organisation (SGTO)11/15/2022£30,000Core funding to support tenants to access their rights and basic needs in the face of the Cost of Living crisis
Community Southwark11/15/2022£5,000Towards the salary of its Support Officer to minoritised community groups
Dream Believe Achieve (DBA)5/24/2022£5,000Towards core costs
Southside Young Leaders Academy5/24/2022£10,000Unrestricted grant to be used flexibly at the discretion of their leadership
The Advocacy Academy11/23/2021£20,000Towards core costs
Bede House Association11/23/2021£10,000Towards core costs
Community Southwark11/23/2021£10,000Towards the salary of its Support Officer to minoritised community groups.
Social Innovation Partnership (TSIP)11/23/2021£15,000To pilot a young person led programme in Southwark.
United St. Saviours5/18/2021£25,000Towards a piloting collaborative approach to lifting young people out of poverty in the borough.
United St. Saviours11/10/2020£20,000Covid emergency funding. Funder collaboration proactively meeting the needs of the most vulnerable communities in Southwark following the most recent lockdown.
Young Futures11/10/2020£32,500Core costs to support young care leavers in bespoke accommodation and holistic support in Lambeth and Southwark

Our Values

Evidence Based

We collaborate with experts – funders, researchers and grantees to target our support where it can be most effective

Trust Based

We are comfortable funding non registered charities who have lived experience of the issues they address


We publish our grants to 360Giving

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

A diverse and inclusive workforce will make us a more effective grant-maker. We will measure DEI progress on our own recruitment and retention and we will report on DEI in our grant-making using 360 Giving’s DEI data standard.

Ethical Investment Strategy

Trustees regularly review investments of the Fund’s endowment against environmental, social and governance criteria. ABS has no segregated investments in oil and gas and exposure to these areas in co-mingled funds will never exceed 5% of total investments, but we aim for less than 1%.